The Workshop Reading Centre is dedicated to assisting children with reading difficulties.

A psychometric evaluation assesses problem areas, reading level, and the most appropriate course of remediation for your child.

Our professional and caring team aim to rapidly close the gap between your child’s potential and his performance, with a strong emphasis on developing a postive outlook toward reading and boosting confidence.

Our reading centre is conveniently located in Pineslopes, Johannesburg.

Our reading obsession

Reading is a complex skill to master.

As formal schooling begins, children learn the ‘code of reading’ – that sounds are represented by letters, and these can be manipulated to form words and sentences which hold meaning. This is an essential skill, and should become automatic as the child becomes a proficient reader.

Brain scanning research has allowed us to see that various areas of the brain are accessed simultaneously for effective reading. Where this does not happen, a reading difficulty occurs and reading problems can become learning problems.

A child should improve 12 months in reading skill for every passing year. If they have a slower rate of acquiring this skill, the gap keeps widening between where they are and where they should be, falling further and further behind. This is the challenge in remediating – closing the gap as quickly as possible.