Meet the Team

Angela Charalambous founded The Workshop  Reading Centre almost 20 years ago. She holds a Masters degree in Linguistics and is the Master Licensee for the Cellfield intervention in Southern Africa. Angela is dedicated to assisting children with reading difficulties and has developed workshops to promote greater understanding of children with barriers to learning which are run both locally and internationally.
Caitlin Sassen is a Speech-Language therapist  who is incredibly passionate about helping children reach their full potential and beyond. She is also a qualified pre-school educator, bringing a holistic approach to her therapy. Caitlin will be offering Speech and literacy assessments and interventions including the Cellfield programme
Demi Olivier completed a postgraduate degree in Psychology following a BSc in Human Life Science. She has councelled at Vita Nova Counselling Centre and various NGO’s. Demi is a Cellfield facilitator and remedial reading practitioner working with children with reading difficulties.  She is a registered Special Wellness Counsellor will also be offering Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE).